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Law and politics of impeachment

their ‘gross misconduct’ usually constituted a perceived political ambition without the blessing of the governor, or any other disagreement with the governor on private or policy issues, or simply the governor perceiving it as politically ‘strategic’.

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China’s campaign for mixed marriages spreads to troubled Xinjiang

By Simon Denyer China is offering cash rewards for interracial marriages in its troubled Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang, according to news reports, mirroring a policy now being promoted in Tibet. President Xi Jinping has responded to ethnic unrest in Xinjiang and Tibet with a familiar strategy: putting in place suffocating security controls and promising significant

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Political economy of reforms

The other audience is the ‘political’ constituency whose interests have to be protected and concerns addressed. The process of reform gets stalled, or even scuttled, when a set of policy reforms accepted by decision-makers runs counter to the interests ...

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Should ISIS affect U.S. foreign policy?

Some political and media sources refer to ISIS as the successor ... in humanitarian efforts for those displaced by ISIS aggression. Overall, Obama’s foreign policy with respect to ISIS and the crisis in the Middle East has been criticized as being ...

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