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bitcoin newsThis ForexTV Bitcoin news page contains a headline news feed from over 50 global sources. it is dedicated to news on cryptocurrency developing stories. The articles presented here may contain short snippets of information with links to other sites. This feed may also contain ForexTV’s original stories about Bitcoin. However, our  analysis will be hosted entirely on this site. To subscribe directly to our original  Analysis, you may follow the Editor’s  Blog here. In addition, this page contains our editor’s video picks . Finally, you will find useful links and additional resources on the right sidebar. If you would like to see additional information displayed on this page, please CONTACT US.

Embracing Bitcoin

Bitcoin, as a medium of exchange is an asset class with very limited supply. Certain countries are embracing and moving quickly into Bitcoin. Savvy pundits are calling for Bitcoin $1 million dollars with long term possibilities. I continually get news ...

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When the Bitcoin Bubble Bursts

Financial markets are frothier than a millennial’s 3-D latte. Investors are scrambling to throw money at Argentina, Vice Media and George Clooney’s tequila. Only the crypto-currency craze seems to give us comfort there are worse bubbles out there. Read Full ...

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Bitcoin Price Watch; Riding The Price Waves

We have come to the end of another week in our bitcoin price trading efforts and it is time to put together some levels with which we can get ahead of the markets during the early morning session out of ...

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