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Retirement Plan Compliance

401(k) and other retirement plan compliance deal with regulatory requirements under ERISA, The Department of Labor and the IRS. Understanding the risks and fiduciary responsibilities associated with plan compliance is critical to plan sponsors.

Duke 403b Lawsuit to Proceed Judge Rules

A federal judge issued a mixed ruling on Duke University’s request to dismiss a lawsuit that claims its 403b retirement plan charged employees excessive fees and made poor investments. In a key decision for colleges and universities defending themselves against 403b lawsuits, ...

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Speculation Over 401k Tax Cuts Doesn’t Cut Muster With Common Sense

401k tax cut

Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin at press conference. In the White House press conference Wednesday outlining the Trump tax-cut proposals, Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council gave assurances that retirement savings (as well as homeownership and charitable contributions) ...

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Expert Tips on Avoiding 401k Plan Fee Lawsuits

401k plan fee lawsuits

Avoiding 401k plan fee lawsuits requires a measure of discipline and diligence according to several industry experts. 401k plan fees continue to be the epicenter of retirement plan litigation. Plan sponsors are given a wide measure of latitude under ERISA ...

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