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The Retirement Newswire is a collection of research, stories and information compiled by our editors from top sources around the web. The 401k Newswire and Retirement Newswire are continuously updated around the clock to help you stay informed.

Has Benna-lightning struck again? – Carosa

By re-imagining a tired old product (the IRA) and adding a subtle twist, the Father of the 401(k) may have just provided a template for financial professionals to help small business owners wanting to establish retirement plans. Source: BenefitsPro – ...

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DC plan termination: 1 project, 5 phases

This first video of a three-part series on DC plan terminations intends to help plan sponsors understand termination steps, common mistakes, and more. Source: BenefitsPro – Read Full Story (may require registration)

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New GOP repeal attempt met with bipartisan opposition

Democrats are furious, particularly since the Congressional Budget Office has indicated that it won’t be able to provide a full breakdown of the health care bill until next week. Source: BenefitsPro – Read Full Story (may require registration)

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Why emphasize 401(k) financial wellness?

By identifying and then treating issues that are hindering a variety of savings goals, advisers can help clients feel more secure in purchasing a new home, funding college education, acquiring emergency funds and more. Source: EBN – Read Full Story

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