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GBP/USD is becoming complicated, like Brexit negotiations

The pound is becoming quite tricky to trade, says NAB, as Brexit negotiations look complicated as well, as analyzed by BofAML. What’s next? Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: GBP/USD: ‘Extremely Unlikely’ To Achieve Progress Before Article 50 Deadline ...

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EUR/USD: a bullish move out of the range?

EUR/USD is off the highs but has never gone too low. The pair is still trading on relatively high ground and quite stuck in a range. What’s next? Here are two opinions: Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: EUR/USD: ...

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How to trade the range in forex

Many forex traders are frustrated when currencies trade in a range, especially when it’s their favorite pair. Looking for that elusive breakout can be quite disheartening when you are all set to ride a big breakout. However, ranges can also ...

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GBP/USD ticks up on effort to reignite Brexit talks

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is heading to Brussels in an effort to unblock Brexit talks. The acrimony between her Brexit Minister David Davis and the chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier was clear last week. Barnier said the talks reached ...

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The checkered history of the failing Fed

Recently central banks have come under a significant amount of pressure. Massive systemic failures like the global financial crisis and Eurozone debt troubles have created calls for an overhaul of the centralized system. Technology, in the form of cryptocurrencies, has ...

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