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Investors ‘Paying Less Than Ever’ in Fund Fees

Lawsuits aside, investors paid less on average in fund expenses in 2016 than ever before, as assets continue to flow into lower-cost index mutual funds, ETFs, and institutional share classes, Morningstar reported Tuesday.   The post Investors ‘Paying Less Than ...

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Top Investment Research School Hit With Fee Lawsuit

Well, this is awkward. The University of Chicago, home to Nobel laureates, quant fanatics and more investing expertise than one can shake a stick at is getting sued for high retirement plan fees.   The post Top Investment Research School ...

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‘Dilute’ the Fiduciary Rule, Get Sued: Aikin

One has to wonder if fiduciary rule advocate Blaine Aikin is smart or lucky. The firm he heads, Fi360, held it’s annual conference in San Diego last year and just happened to coincide with the rule’s release. The California confab instantly became ...

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