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Silver Up 10.3% YTD – Outperformance To Continue

There is a huge focus given to the record highs in U.S. and some other ... Silver stackers remain the prudent and smart money. Investors in silver bullion coins and bars are hedging themselves against the monetary risks. They are protecting themselves ...

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Silver Standard provides Q2 2014 production results

At Pirquitas, silver and zinc production was delivered to schedule and we continue to focus on cost management activities ... political or economic instability and unexpected regulatory changes; currency fluctuations; counterparty and market risks related ...

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Congress Eyes Rules for the Fed

768, offered by Senator Mike Lee of Utah, would exempt from taxation any gold and silver coins declared to be legal tender by either the federal government or any state government, extending nationally the most radical monetary measure to be enacted ...

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Dovedale Roman and Iron Age coins found after 2,000 years

Archaeologists discovered 26 coins, including three Roman coins which pre-date the invasion of Britain in AD43, and 20 other gold and silver pieces which are Late Iron Age and thought to belong to the Corieltavi tribe. Although Roman coins have often been ...

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The Coming Two-Stage Silver Price Rally

Using silver as currency, then, became an alternative ... While I realize that most precious metal investors focus only on their GOLD & SILVER investments... energy will play a key role in how things unfold in the future. Martin Armstrong is a very ...

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