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The Scariest Thing About the Swiss Currency Decision

It's not every day you see a major currency move 30% against other major currencies, but that's just what happened when the Swiss National Bank surprised everyone and dropped the currency's cap of 1.20 Swiss francs to the euro. This was a shocking move ...

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3 Top Ranked Hedged Japan ETFs in Focus

However, the massive stimulus program has devalued the Japanese currency to its multi-year low relative to the greenback. This was more so in the backdrop of a stronger U.S. dollar. Consequently, investors seeking a Japanese flavor in their portfolio might ...

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A Case for Modern Coins

Still, one wonders about the negative reception modern coins get in some circles. Are they simply misunderstood? Where lies the root of the problem? So today, I wanted to focus on the word “modern” itself, and try to find out where it picked up such ...

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Misconceptions About Gold

The primary purpose of central bank reserves should not be to produce a return, but to enhance confidence in the currency. However ... as a number analysts have begun to shift their focus to the truly important price drivers). At times, this has led ...

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