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AUD/NZD technical breakout on RBA rate hike

See my colleague Tony Sycamore’s recap here. As a result of suddenly turned hawkish RBA’s surprise decision, AUD/NZD has broken out above some key technical levels. On a weekly timeframe, … (full … Read Full Story at source (may require ...

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Technical Tuesday: DAX, GOLD and AUD/NZD

In this week’s edition, we are getting technical on the DAX, GOLD and AUD/NZD. So, there’s something for everyone. Without further ado… Like many other global indices, the DAX has struggled to sustain … Read Full Story at source (may ...

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EUR/NZD Rebounds From Near 1.6245

EUR/NZD traded higher today after hitting support near the 1.6245 level. Overall, the rate continues to trade above the upside support line drawn from the low of Apr. 5, and thus, we continue to see a … Read Full Story ...

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