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The Retirement Newswire is a collection of research, stories and information compiled by our editors from top sources around the web. The 401k Newswire and Retirement Newswire are continuously updated around the clock to help you stay informed.

How culturally competent is your EAP?

For EAPs, delivering culturally competent care means understanding the needs of a diverse workforce and ensuring that the elements of all services meet those needs strategically. Source: EBN – Read Full Story

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5 ways employers can support transgender employees

“Many companies seek to create trans inclusive benefits packages, but their employees oftentimes don’t use the benefits provided because of fear of harassment in the process of accessing healthcare,” says Soltan Bryce, head of growth at Plume. Source: EBN – ...

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Working from home in a pandemic is not shirking it

Bosses should do more to make the work-from-home experiment palatable and safe for all involved by subsidizing utility bills and workspace equipment, and changing managerial habits, with more trust given to employees. Source: EBN – Read Full Story

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