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Retirement and 401k News Wire

The Retirement Newswire is a collection of research, stories and information compiled by our editors from top sources around the web. The 401k Newswire and Retirement Newswire are continuously updated around the clock to help you stay informed.

The benefit of buying below sticker price

I’ll admit it…I’m a bit of a pack rat. After working here for more than 30 years, I’ve accumulated and inherited a lot of stuff—articles, memos, brochures, newsletters, books, and VHS (but no 8-track) tapes. One of my prized possessions ...

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Save for retirement and college

When my husband and I were expecting our daughter, we casually began to talk about college savings. In June 2015, we met our little girl and started entertaining the idea of having another University of North Carolina grad in the ...

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Facing your college-financing fears: Part 2

Higher education is expensive—frighteningly expensive. But with proper planning, parents can approach college costs in an organized and financially sound way. Recently, I explored the factors that affect financial aid eligibility in a blog post. Today, I’ll provide tax-smart … ...

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