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2- social media posts per week,
2 -blog articles per month

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4 - social media posts per week
3 blog articles per month

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6 - Social Media Posts each week 4 - Blog Posts each month 1 - Backlink from DA 55+ website

$ 2,500/month

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Leadership & Transparency in Digital Marketing

ForexTV Digital Marketing is a boutique digital marketing company that relies on over two decades of continual digital marketing experience. We provide comprehensive services to a limited amount of customers in each service category at any one time. Our digital marketing rates are incredibly competitive and we have twenty-five years of experience and successful results. Our promise is that we will give you a transparent and honest assessment of our ability to get the results you are expecting. If we can’t deliver what you want, we’ll tell you immediately. It’s that simple.

We look forward to speaking with you and learning if we can help you grow your business.

    what our customers have to say

    “The ForexTV service is simple and transparent. But best of all, it works. The pricing is reasonable, simple and straightforward! We have a dedicated representative that knows and understands our business and uses technology and best practices to handle our image on social media”
    Lainey Foster, e-commerce
    “We utilize the blog and content writing services extensively and have had great success. At first we did not think we could afford to hire a digital marketing agency, but ForexTV has made it possible. They have taken the stress out of the process and delivered measurable results.”
    Sahah Foster, retail
    “We needed someone to handle social media and content creation for our newsletter and blog, but we did not have enough work for a full-time employee or a large marketing company. We learned about ForexTV Digital Marketing Services and it was a great fit at a great price.”
    Jordan McDonald, retail
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