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For That Special Day: Karen Walker Creates Bridal Collection

Just as every bride has a story — or more likely 100 stories — designer Karen Walker wants to be part of that narrative with a new bridal collection.
The Auckland, New Zealand-based designer has created an assortment of wedding-day styles, after years of customers requesting bridal dresses or outfits. Until now, the timing never felt right, Walker said. But that did not deter many from buying various Karen Walker designs to wear for their big day. “But they had never been designed specifically for that intent,” she explained.
Now there are 12 bespoke dresses, four bespoke suits and two off-the-rack dresses “for those wanting to elope,” Walker said. Retail prices range from $950 to $3,500 and are sold through the new bridal shop in her Auckland boutique and online store. Bespoke shoppers can work directly with her team that includes patternmakers, tailors and other specialists in her atelier or via e-mail, FaceTime or other means. Fittings and creating toiles are all part of the package. Such procedures have been put to use for six international high-profile clients over the past 12 months. That roster included former First Lady Michelle Obama, who needed a suit for her “Becoming” book tour. Walker said,

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