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Photographer Jeff Bark Mounts Solo Show in Rome, ‘Paradise Garage’

Two years ago, American photographer Jeff Bark was in Italy for a day on a job, and “it triggered an idea about Italy,” he says. He has since returned with the opening of his first show, “Paradise Garage,” open at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which aims to capture the fashion photographer’s emotional idea of the country.
Bark, who has shot for i-D, V magazine, Dazed and more, says he never thought about doing a show in Italy — but the scale of the space challenged him to create photos in a more expressive, emotional manner.
“The exhibition is very immersive because of the size of this place, and the size of the pictures, you’re kind of dwarfed because of the size of it,” he says. “It’s supposed to have a sensation when you went through it — you feel it as much as you see it.”
The space also appealed as an escape from the American galleries he is used to being exhibited in.
“It seems when you go to a gallery most times, everyone is looking at themselves more than they are looking at the pictures,” Bark says.
He went to Italy two months ago and came away with the desire to create even

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