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Under Armour Expands Recovery Product

Recovery has become the latest buzzword within the health and wellness community.
From stretching and cold tubs to pulse massaging compression sleeves, athletes are coming to realize that it’s not only what they do during competition that counts but also how they recover after a hard workout.
And so Under Armour, whose mission has long been to “make all athletes better,” has partnered with Hologenix, a company that has patented a new responsive textile technology called Celliant, on a new line of activewear that will hit the market today.
Under Armour began dabbling in this area when it introduced a sleep recovery system last year developed in concert with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady that used a similar technology.
Topher Gaylord, senior vice president and general manager of the run, train and outdoor divisions of Under Armour, said the sleep recovery capsule collection that was produced last year did well and led the company to expand the offering.
“We saw an incredible appetite for this product,” he said. “And that inspired us to expand out.”
The product launching today uses a different technology. Hologenix worked on its process for 16 years and received Food and Drug Administration approval in summer 2017 for Celliant, which has

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