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European Central BankThe ForexTV, Forex News page combines our original and contributed Forex news with headlines from over 50 sources. Forex News has a fundamental focus and contains mostly content that is assumed to have an impact on markets such as major economic releases and geo-political events. There are thousands of currency-related news articles written each day; our Editor’s and automated feeds are working to bring our visitors the most relevant news as it happens. Some of the article seen here will take you to 3rd party sites where we have a reasonable belief that there is reliable and useful information. If you have any questions or comments, suggestions or ideas; or wish to become a contributor of Forex news, please CONTACT US.

Forex News Headlines

AUD/USD: ‘Sell In May’ Seasonal Trade Is Unfolding – Barclays

The Australian dollar was hit by the RBA, but this is not the only thing in play: Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: Last week, we discussed the prospects of market conditions gradually turning less favourable for Asian currencies going into May. Indeed, the USD has turned around, as the “Sell in May” ...

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Greek Can Kicked again – this could get out of control

The Greek crisis was never resolved but it did take a winter break from the headlines. And now, like the flowers in the Spring, the Greek crisis is making a comeback, with the debt issue hanging over everybody’s heads. Will Europe manage to kick the can down the road to after...

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NZD/JPY: The Advantage of the Status Quo

On 29 January, the Bank of Japan took a significant step in its vigorous efforts to stimulate growth in the Japanese economy. “…The Bank will apply a negative interest rate of minus 0.1 percent to current accounts that financial institutions hold at the Bank. It ...

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Markets vs. Trump vs. Clinton – MM #100

The US Presidential Elections are clear: Clinton vs. Trump. What does this mean for markets? We discuss the potential impact and catch up on recent developments as well before looking to what’s next. You are welcome to listen, subscribe, provide feedback and pledge support on Patreon. US data...

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EURUSD Daily Analysis   EURUSD (1.13): EURUSD closed Friday with a doji pattern with the highs briefly testing 1.1470. A daily close below the doji’s low at 1.1386 could signal further declines in prices. On the 4-hour chart, rice action is sitting right near ...

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Will the dollar strength prevail?

The US dollar emerged as a winner from the mixed NFP report but seems hesitant to continue forward on worries from Chinese trade data, a Saudi political shakeup and the Greek crisis which is back. The Eurogroup meetings are in the limelight with no solution in sight. With a high level of correlation, ...

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