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felənē® vodka Debut in Denver Colorado Liquor Stores

Denver Colorado Liquor Stores are Snapping-up the Organic Vodka Trend

felənē® vodka is an organic sugar cane-based vodka that made it’s debut in Denver Colorado Liquor Stores in June of 2020 and has become the fastest-growing vodka brand with over 30 Denver-area liquor stores picking-up the new label in the past two months. The Denver Distillery also distributes in New York and Florida.

“Denver, Colorado was the ideal place for us to establish the felənē® vodka brand”, says Tim Kelly, Founder and CEO of felənē®. “Colorado is known for its commitment to purity and wholesomeness and felənē® vodka is one of the only organic, nonGMO spirits in any market”, added Kelly.

felənē® vodka is produced and bottled in Denver. The company has recently leased a new space in Denver to facilitate its new growth trend as the leading organic vodka in the United States. felənē® vodka is also distributed in the New York marketplace through Park Street and has gained a strong distribution footprint in the New York marketplace.

Now in over thirty stores in the Colorado market, felənē® vodka has gained a reputation at the world’s smoothest vodka as a result of the distillation from pure, organic sugar cane.

“We are very pleased to report that 70% of the stores that carry felənē® vodka are on their second and third orders”, said Kim Laderer, President of felənē® vodka. “

The company says that sales of its sugar cane-based vodka is expected to top 150 cases into the fall season and is projecting over 500 cases into the end-of-year holiday season.

felənē® vodka was established in 2019 after 3 years of testing and research by its founder, Tim Kelly.