Guest Author Guidlines

ForexTV will accept editorial submissions from a Guest Author on a selective basis. Generally speaking, our editorial focus is on the topic of money, wealth management and lifestyle. ForexTV enjoys a powerful position among the search engines and affords authors the opportunity to get their message across to a broad audience.

We have earned that powerful position among the search engines because of our pure dedication to providing useful and valuable information to our readers. We at ForexTV regard this as a hard-earned privilege and treat it very seriously. We expect a guest author to take this seriously as well and respect that privilege.

Major focus areas include:

  • Retirement – Our focus is on retirement professionals; those men and women who run and support retirement plans like defined contribution plan (such as 401(k) and 403(b) plans) for their companies including: plan sponsors (employers), professional plan advisors, third party administrators (TPAs) and the many service providers that comprise the retirement ecosphere.

    Our Retirement section is designed to inform and educate those professionals on developing trends and regulations, breaking news and ideas on “best-practices” concepts to help them make better decisions in managing retirement plans for their plan participants.

  • Financial markets news and information – We cover both short-term trends (trader focus) as well as long-term trends (investor focus). Our goal is to provide relevant, timely and actionable ideas and perspectives for those individuals and professionals engaged in the trading or investing in the financial markets. We place a strong emphasis on fundamental economic analysis, geo-political events and technical analysis.

    Our company roots are based in the global currency trading markets, which we believe are the most essential element in determining the value of investments world-wide.

  • Style and lifestyle – Our StyleExchange section offers our visitors a “lighter side” of enjoying wealth in areas such as lifestyle, personal style and cultural exploration.

What are we looking for in Contributed Editorial Content?

ForexTV seeks to engage authors who are passionate about sharing ideas and have the reader’s best interest in mind. We will only accept articles from authors who can articulate this passion to provide our readers with an exciting and unique perspective on the topics we cover.

Focus on Quality 

Our desired content level on ForexTV is anywhere from basic concepts to expert insight. Above all, we want our content to be “approachable.” Focus on keeping your content entertaining, informative, and succinct.

We encourage you to break down complex ideas, give step-by-step instructions, and tell stories that help illustrate your ideas. Be interesting.

IMPORTANT:  Your content must be 100% original. We review author submissions through automated applications to detect duplicated content as well as review by live editors. If you wish to include any images or video, you will be required to provide either proof of ownership or usage rights.

Our definition of quality: Our “target word count” is precisely how many words it takes to get your point across in a post — we don’t want to force article length, but as a practical matter we do suggest a minimum of 300-500 words (certainly, more is acceptable). We are looking for posts that give value to our readers. Share what you know, cover new ground; tell readers what you’ve discovered.

We are not interested in rehashing topics from other blog posts or topics that have been covered extensively by others, unless you have a clearly-defined value-added proposition on the topic.

When it comes to your writing style, remember to keep it conversational. Break down your ideas into jargon-free, easy-to-read sentences that any beginner level reader can engage with. Remember, the better users can understand, the more they’ll appreciate your content.

What’s in it for YOU? ForexTV is a great place to build your personal brand, and add to your online expertise. We are looking for a guest author who is constantly innovating and always willing to share ideas and resources. Each day, we’re telling the story of the communities we service; we want our authors to be a part of that community.

As a guest author, we want to help you tell your story. We’ll provide you with an opportunity to link back to your site in each article and our social team will make you feel like an online marketing celebrity.

However, we do require helpful, informative content… not sales copy. We want to sell you, your story and your ideas on ForexTV… not your products and services. There is a place for commercially-oriented copy on ForexTV called “sponsored content.”

Guest Author Submission Flow: All ForexTV content will be screened by our managing editor to check for factual accuracy, grammar, punctuation, etc. If there are any issues that need to be resolved, we’ll contact you via email.

Rights of ownership and copyright

By submitting an article to ForexTV you represent that you are the original author of the article and you agree to transfer any claim of ownership or copyright claim to ForexTV without restriction or royalty.

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