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Felene Inc., Announces Release of Flavored Vodka Line

Felene Inc., has announced the launch of it’s felənē® Flavors, flavored vodka line.  felənē® vodka is an American handcrafted vodka made from organic, Non-GMO sugarcane. The Denver, Colorado-based distiller announced it has added three, 80-proof flavored vodka offerings to its portfolio. This Denver Distillery announced it has released a coconut-lime, raspberry-lemonade and blood orange flavored vodkas.

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Sugar-Free Alcohol Trends Emerging for 2022

“We have been working on the felənē® Flavors line of flavored vodka for over three years”, Says Tim Kelly, Felene Inc founder and CEO. “It’s been a real challenge delivering an 80-proof flavored vodka that has no sugar, no citric acid and no additives”, added Kelly. 

The majority of the top-selling flavored vodkas on the market today are generally lower-proof, either 60-proof or 70-proof and contain a lot of sugar, artificial flavor and artificial colors. The sugary, low alcohol trend has been seen as part of a larger trend that included hard seltzers or flavored malt beverages (FMBs). However, it also appears that the latter trend seems to be making an abrupt reversal as hard seltzer sales have plummeted from pre-pandemic levels.

According to Food & Wine, trends for 2022 point to consumers opting for drinks with less sugar and simple ingredient lists. “At Felene we are serious about making the highest-quality vodka from organic, natural products that have no sugar”, said Felene President, Kim Laderer. “Flavored vodkas are maturing and people are demanding full-strength vodkas that are naturally flavored, not overly-sweetened, chemically-colored drinks”, added Laderer.

The company reports that its flavored vodka is now available for sale in major Denver-area liquor stores. felənē® Flavors will be available in the New York, Florida and California markets in April 2022.