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How Trump Has Tamed a Nation of Zombies [OPINION]

Liberal Media Choked on the Trump Story




As the bogus Russia collusion fiasco is about to implode, the left is scrambling to orchestrate the next propaganda crisis campaign. Keeping the nation in a constant state of class and social antagonism is the quintessence of the modern liberal movement and the Democratic Party. To be sure, I speak of the new form of decay I refer to as the “modern liberal movement”; not to be confused with the noble liberalism of John F. Kennedy and Thomas (Tip) P. O’Neil. The democrats are very heavily invested in the grievance industry both literally and figuratively. Without racial, ethnic or gender discord, the DNC would be bankrupt both ideologically and monetarily.


The latest attempt to revive the gender wars (in an effort to confound the Trump Presidency), the DNC (spear-headed by the pathetic Kirsten Gillibrand publicity stunt) has been met with a tepid reception by an increasingly wary public. Then, the spectacle of Al Franken falling on his sword to validate the faux indignation of the morally revitalized modern liberal conscience was a bit too contrived…even for the far left-leaning legion of lemmings. Franken may now seek to rescind that exit drama, with no objection posed by those very indignant feminist culture ninjas who had their knickers in a twist when sacrificing Franken just a week earlier. But that was when holding ground on principle would have yielded a political scalp, namely shaming voters in the Alabama election. But that political currency has been spent, so if Franken can rise from the ashes, nobody on the left is going to object. It was never about whether women were having their rights abridged, it’s all about strategy and how to get the liberal zombies to just march to the beat of the obstructionist drum.

But not so fast; now that the public has lifted the veil of the #metoo drama of the hysterical left, standing tall against sexism just does not deliver the political payoff they hoped for, so it’s just not a priority any more. Marginal charges of sexism and paying women to fabricate offenses were unexpectedly exposed and the issue has lost credibility and is being tossed aside from the public consciousness. Who knows how many good men would have had their character smeared for the sake of some Democratic Party snake oil salesman (or more likely saleswoman). Furthermore, it is an incredible tragedy for the women who actually suffer real oppression, but they are just collateral damage and a necessary sacrifice for the liberal culture army. Just hope you are never in the path of this vermin, it never ends well for the regular folks.


Then there is Kirsten Gillibrand sucking the legitimacy out of a serious issue such as sexual oppression because Mr. Trump called her a “weak politician”. Tell a woman like Monica Lewinski that Gillibrand needs our attention because she was called a weak politician. Tell a woman that was denied a career because she wouldn’t acquiesce to unwanted sexual demands that Ms. Gillibrand’s elitist ego was bruised and a President should resign over that. When everything can be construed as sexual oppression, then nothing is sexual oppression; and Gillibrand should know that, she is the one who needs to resign. This woman’s behavior is an affront to every female who has been sexually assaulted or harassed. Gillibrand is the epitome of privilege, an elite capo in the Clinton mob. But the modern liberals cannot get enough of this garbage, so if the shoe fits…

This is just the latest installment of a common mythical narrative spoken by the left. These folks are so entrenched in completely false narratives I am convinced that they simply cannot even recognize truth any longer. From a common sense perspective, there is rarely a legitimate complaint commensurate with the vitriol put out by this group. They have to fabricate crisis at which they channel all this rage. I have never seen a group so enraged and consumed by a perpetual state of vindictive scorn than what has become modern liberalism, where does it come from? When will it end?


We have come to a point where obstruction of constructive public policy has been sold to half the population as a virtuous social identity (not just a political ideology). This is hyperbolic identity politics at its worst! There was a time when emotionally-driven obstinacy would be rejected and ridiculed on both sides of the aisle. Today, the pure obstructionist is held-out proudly as a beacon of virtue by otherwise seemingly intelligent people. The excuse is that “the means justify the end.” In fact, they do not. This is a scourge on this Republic and it is a national shame. The tenor of our public discourse has been decimated as a result.

Liberal policies (explicitly laid-out in the “Indivisible Guide”) direct members to assail political differences with derogatory epithets in an attempt to marginalize individuals and confound legitimate debate. The Indivisible Guide directs liberal cult members to use ad hominem attacks with terms such as: racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., in an attempt to quickly marginalize any opposition. Nowhere does the Indivisible Guide advocate legitimate discourse. The Indivisible Guide instructs its cult-like members to disperse their personnel at public events (to appear larger in a large audience), then to distract and overwhelm speakers with incoherent shouts and noise to interrupt any opposing ideas, by any means necessary. This is the advent of anarchy.


This vapid leadership has given rise to legions of partisan liberal extremists devoid of independent thought and eager to relinquish free will for the cause of anger; and willingly submit to the formal behavioral directives of cult-like groups such as Indivisible. The Indivisible Guide that lays out prescriptive and specific rules of behavior and even scripts the speech of its followers. Cult-members fall-in like zombies and submit to the will of this well-orchestrated and organized (albeit phantom-like) leadership. Sadly, this passes as a surrogate social identity for a pathetically hopeless group.


Now that brings us back to Robert Mueller. Mueller has allowed himself to be trapped in a precarious position by the left. He was asked to take a man and find a crime instead of the opposite. The left continues to underestimate the savvy and resourcefulness of Mr. Trump. They are so eager to paint him with a brush of inferior intellect that they actually started to believe it. Mr. Trump may have some undesirable characteristics, but being dumb or naïve are not among those; the left (and especially the Press) just does not seem to learn that lesson. Mr. Trump is a fierce competitor and a deft counter-puncher. The Press and the DNC are clearly losing this war. Both the Press and the DNC are simply too arrogant to acknowledge Trump’s superior tactical abilities and will continue to be shredded by them.

Trump has Mueller surrounded on all sides and Mueller has little room to escape and everyone knows it. When this house of cards falls, the DNC with be in tatters; and I can assure you it’s just a matter of when, not if it happens. Trump has played this scenario with superb acumen and skill. The only thing left to question is just what type of mercy will Trump show Mueller. This is Mueller’s swan song as a public figure and you can bet he will now err on the side of reason and self-preservation (which is perched comfortably on Mr. Trump’s lap).

Trump may be a brutish, New York real estate hard-ass. He may lack the polish of a career politician and seem awkward in the oval office. But for all of his faults, they were still enough to overcome the arrogance and pompousness of the left, the Clinton machine and a disturbingly corrupt media.

The real irony here is that the liberal epithet of “reality-show hack” they try so desperately to hang around Trump’s neck holds the key to why they have been so badly bruised by Trump. Had they bothered to actually watch The Apprentice, they would have known his game-plan from day 1. Alas, arrogance is a harsh mistress.

It’s still early-on, but from this vantage-point…things are starting to look…Great again.

Timothy Kelly
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