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Beijing Smog, The Not so Secret Dirty Secret of China.

Beijing smogBeijing Smog reaches new heights.

Severe smog has struck the city of Beijing, forcing the city to issue its first ever red alert. The alert comes amidst global discussions on how to reduce carbon emissions to combat global warming.

Stepping off a plane at the Beijing airport can be a stressful experience, especially for those who suffer from asthma, or mild claustrophobia. Looking out the window of the plane at the gate, a new visitor observes what appears to be a strong fog cover and almost always, it is dense and severely restrict visibility to a hundred meters or so.

Upon entering the terminal however, one is struck with the shocking realization that the densely filled air is the result of smog, not the benign moisture of fog. It can be so intense that inside visibility is reduced to a few dozen meters. It is a sensation unlike any other, which gives a traveler the sense of impending suffocation or drowning.

Currently one-third of visits to Beijing’s children’s hospital are due to respiratory diseases. Industrial production has been curbed and there are odd/even licence-plate restrictions on motorists.

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Data curated by FindTheData
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