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Brain C-13 Reviews (Zenith Labs) Negative Side Effects or Real Benefits?

Brain C-13 by Zenith Labs is a doctor-formulated natural brain health support supplement with powerful ingredients meant to support healthy mental awareness, clarity and focus, but does it have negative side effects or is it worth the money?

Brain C-13 Reviews

Brain C-13 Reviews

Brain C-13 Reviews

New York, NY, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Who wouldn’t want to be able to think better and faster? There is likely not a soul anywhere in the world who would say no to more intelligence. Supplements have claimed for decades to help people become smarter. When the film Limitless came out years ago, this cottage industry exploded in popularity. The market quickly became oversaturated with both legitimate and scam supplements. Is there a real Limitless pill? Absolutely not; no pill can permanently make you into a genius. But as the brain supplement market continues to grow, we continue to learn more and more about how natural ingredients can improve general cognitive health, mood, and energy levels.

Zenith Labs is now marketing a new dietary formula for the brain called Zenith Brain C-13, or Brain C-13 for short. The product site for Brain C-13 claims that using the supplement regularly can help you “quickly recall activities,” more effectively “recite phone numbers,” and more. The formula claims to be an improvement upon existing dietary supplements in the same market, which often fail to provide substantive, long-term results for users. Choline, Magnesium, Vincopetine, and Huperzine A are all core ingredients in this patented supplement formula.

Clara is a 59-year-old woman who was suffering from what she called “brain fog,” a common undiagnosed condition involving a loss of memory and a sense of confusion. After using Zenith’s Brain-13, she was able to get rid of the fog in her mind, improve her mood, and even begin seeing better. These are some massively important benefits, and it’s difficult to say with certainty that we buy some of the more outlandish claims thrown into the Brain-13 website. However, we also know that the core ingredients listed in the paragraph above are well-known for their brain-boosting benefits.

Can Zenith Brain C-13 help you “feel mentally alert” while providing benefits to the mood, the eyes, and even to overall health and wellness? Or is it one of thousands of ineffectual formulas that took root and benefit from the huge public interest in improving brain health and cognitive function? We’ll tell you all about it– keep reading our Brain C-13 review today.

What is Zenith Labs Brain C-13?

Neural degeneration is an issue that affects a lot of people across the globe, especially those individuals above the age of 55. This is because, after a certain age, the neural regeneration capacity of the body starts to decline, with the number of important brain cells being produced within our system decreasing quite tangibly.

Also, according to a number of studies released by the World Health Organization, cognitive issues have been on the rise over the last quarter-century, with an estimated 60% of all adults over the age of 60 currently suffering from some brain-related issue or the other.

In its most basic sense, Brain C 13 can be thought of as a dietary supplement that seeks to help maximize the cognitive output of its user. It comes loaded with a wide array of herbal agents that have been clinically researched and found to deliver potent benefits within a short span of time. It is especially useful for older folks who may have been suffering from various degenerative issues as a result of various genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle choices, etc.

A Closer Look at Brain C 13

As the name seems to quite clearly suggest, Brain C13 is an all-new, natural neural enhancer that has been developed by Dr. Ryan Shelton, a world-renowned health expert who has been affiliated with Zenith Labs for quite some time now. According to him, Brain C 13, if used in a proper manner, may be able to deliver users with a wide array of tangible health benefits including:

(i) Aids brain function: Thanks to some of the nootropic agents that are present in the mix, the product is able to help in the faster relay of certain neural signals that routinely emanate from our different organs to our brain. As a result, it becomes easier for individuals to think clearly, faster and experience lower levels of brain fog.

(ii) Memory enhancement: An underrated aspect of this product is that it may be able to help in the faster regeneration of certain important cells that line our myelin sheath. In this regard, it bears mentioning that when the Myelin sheath is working at an optimal level, users can experience heightened memory levels as well as improved recall capabilities.

(iii) Mood elevation: An often overlooked facet of Brain C 13 is that it is able to help spur the release of dopamine in our bloodstreams, thereby allowing users to feel cool, calm, and satiated through the course of their day to day activities.

Furthermore, it bears mentioning that Zenith Labs Brain C 13 is a completely natural formula and that it does not contain any binders, fillers, chemically derived agents that may be harmful for the body in the long run. Not only that, the product is free of any unwanted substances, allergens that are commonly found in a large number of cheaper, synthetic products that are commonly available in the market today.

So What Exactly Does Zenith Labs Brain C 13 Contain?

Each serving of this product comes packed with a wide array of efficacious herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other important compounds that are needed by the human body for optimal brain function. Some of the key ingredients contained in the supplement include:

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Huperzine A

An ancient herb that has been used for centuries across South America, Asia and certain parts of Europe, Huperzine A is known primarily in western medicine for its ability to help stop the breakdown of a chemical called acetylcholine in our system. For those unaware, acetylcholine is an important compound that is known to provide the body with a wide range of benefits such as:

  • It can help improve one’s memory levels by allowing for the faster transmission of data within our bodies.
  • It can maximize one’s general cognitive abilities, as well as, help in preventing mental degeneration and decline.
  • It may be able to help in the faster breakdown of calories in our body, thus allowing for a sustained release of energy.
  • It is a mood enhancer, allowing for the release of certain chemicals in our system that are known to help users feel satiated and content despite the situations pervading them at any given point.
  • It is a known learning enhancer, allowing users to maximize their ability to learn and retain new information.

Rhodiola Root

An increasing amount of medical data released over the last decade or so shows that Rhodiola is a potent neuroprotector that helps in maximizing the operational capacity of our brain. Some of the other core aspects of this natural ingredient include:

  • It is known to help protect the brain from short-term damage as well as a number of other environmental stressors that are known to cause rapid neural decline.
  • It can help improve the health of our cranial nerves, thus allowing for the faster, more efficient relay of signals within our system.
  • Last but not least, even though the jury is out on the subject, an increasing amount of research that has been released over the past decade or so seems to point to the fact that Rhodiola may even be able to help individuals with things like short-term memory retention, improved concentration, heightened awareness, etc.

Turmeric Root

As many of our regular readers may be well aware of, Turmeric is a well-known anti-inflammatory that is known to possess a wide array of efficacious medicinal properties. For starters, it is able to help optimize the functional capacity of not only our brain and nervous system but also our digestive and circulatory systems. Not only that, some of the other core facets of turmeric that are worth highlighting include:

  • It comes replete with a range of potent antioxidants that are known to help in the fast, efficient removal of certain waste materials that tend to accumulate in our bodies (such as toxins, free radicals, etc).
  • It is a natural booster that may be able to mitigate/prevent the onset of certain conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.
  • Clinical data released over the last few years seems to allude to the fact that when taken on a daily basis, turmeric may be able to boost brain functionality in a quick, seamless manner.
  • Last but not least, it should also be pointed out that each serving of turmeric comes loaded with a highly potent compound called curcumin. For those unaware, curcumin is able to maximize the operational capacity of the human cognitive system as well as enhance the overall output of our brain

Rosemary Leaf

As many of our readers probably already know, leaves of the rosemary plant are known to contain certain natural compounds that have the innate ability to increase the operations of certain neurotransmitters that are needed by the human body for boosting memory and other brain-related processes.

In addition to this, rosemary is also known to be a rich antioxidant compound as well as contains various anti-inflammatory agents that can help mitigate a number of issues that people are faced with on a daily basis. For example, the active agents in this plant are known to help boost one’s immunity levels as well as enhance the body’s natural circulatory capacity. Not only that, it is also able to deliver other tangible benefits such as:

  • It may be useful in maximizing one’s alertness levels.
  • It acts as a cognitive stimulant and is thus able to help increase one’s intelligence levels in a quick yet sustainable fashion.
  • Last but not least, some studies have alluded to the fact that rosemary can potentially serve as a nootropic agent and thus maximize one’s natural focus levels.


From a technical perspective, it should be mentioned that phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that is known to protect our brain cells by forming a protective layer over them. Not only that, the compound is also known to help in the faster relay of messages within our bodies, thus allowing for a more efficient exchange of stimuli.

Some of the other core benefits of Phosphatidylserine include:

  • It is a cognitive enhancer that is able to sharpen the mind as well as maximize one’s innate memory levels.
  • It is known to help in stabilizing the user’s natural glucose levels, allowing for increased coordination between our cells.
  • It may be able to prevent brain decline and neural degeneration that happens as men and women become older.
  • Last but not least, regular intake of this potent compound is known to help maximize the operational output of the human nervous system.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens — also referred to as Fabaceae — is widely used across the globe, especially within many indigenous societies since it provides users with a wide range of benefits. For starters, it is known to help fix the human nervous system, allowing for users to reap a number of cognitive benefits. Not only that, it also helps in the release of certain mood-elevating substances that are known to make users feel happy, content and satisfied.

Not only that, some of the other core aspects of Mucuna worth highlighting include:

  • It is a potent aphrodisiac that can be used to treat a number of fertility issues that many men face all over the world.
  • It can help in increasing one’s natural motivation levels.
  • It may be useful in reducing issues related to anxiety, stress, etc.

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Why Choose Brain C13?


When taken on a daily basis, the active ingredients contained in C 13 may be able to help in increasing an individual’s natural memory and concentration levels. Not only that, the supplement may also be able to deliver other similar peripheral results in an easy, streamlined manner.

Fast Acting

An often overlooked aspect of this formula is that it is quite fast-acting. In this regard, the manufacturer claims that daily ingestion of the product can allow users to start reaping amazing results in as little as 2-5 days.

Stress Reduction

The supplement comes filled with a wide array of natural relaxants allowing users to relieve any stress they may have accumulated as a result of their work/social life. Not only that, as pointed out earlier, the product also features certain mood elevators that can help optimize one’s general energy and work output in an easy manner.

Increased Blood Circulation

An often overlooked aspect of Brain C 13 is that it is able to maximize the body’s natural circulation capacity, thus allowing for the faster delivery of vital nutrients all through our body. Not only that, it also allows for the delivery of certain minerals and vitamins to our brain, thereby allowing for enhanced mental fortitude and strength.

Where Can I Buy Zenith Labs Brain C 13?

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is via the official company website — i.e. https://BetterBrainPerformance.com. At press time, there are a number of deals that users can choose from. These include:

One bottle of this product (which should ideally last users an entire month) is currently available for a highly discounted sum of $49. That being said, when users avail of this deal, they have to pay an additional $19.95 for shipping.

Three bottles of Brain C 13 are available for a base sum of $117. Like the above-stated deal, even this package requires users to pay a shipping fee of $19.95.

Six units of Brain C 13 are available for a highly discounted sum of $198. Not only that, this deal allows users to avail themselves of free shipping.

Additionally, it should be pointed out that all of the above-stated packages come backed by a full money-back guarantee in case users are not entirely satisfied with their purchase. To initiate a refund, all one has to do is simply send back the item(s) to the original sender’s address and a refund will be initiated within a matter of 3-5 days. Lastly, payments can be initiated using a variety of different means including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, and Discover.

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Is Brain C-13 Supplement by Zenith Labs Right For You?

Aside from the “alertness ingredients” that make up the bulk of the supplement, Brain C-13 by Zenith Labs also includes several ingredients to provide more comprehensive health benefits. Phosphatidylserine, for example, has been shown to improve the rate at which nerve cells communicate with one another. This can lead to a number of benefits, especially for older people. DMAE also improves neural connections, which can improve learning ability, mental acuity, and more. Frankly, the Brain C-13 site is a treasure trove of information concerning unique ingredients and their benefits. We strongly recommend going through the site yourself to get a better feel for all the different ways Brain C-13 may help you.

Using this supplement frequently for weeks at a time is really the only way to experience serious benefits. While you work to improve your brain health using brain workouts and exercises, this supplement can maximize benefits.

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Official Website: https://betterbrainperformance.com/

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