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CarEdge.com Announces Industry-Changing Vehicle Financing Calculator, 5,000,000th Visitor Page View, and latest Vehicle Resale Rankings

BOSTON, Oct. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CarEdge.com announced today that it has introduced a consumer-friendly Vehicle Financing Calculator, which compares the expected depreciation of a vehicle with the future balance on a car loan. The Calculator is designed to make consumers aware of the pitfalls associated with specific car loans, and to steer them away from loan structures that will put them into difficult financial positions. The company also announced that it will achieve its 5,000,000th* visitor page view before month-end (100% organically-sourced), significantly ahead of company and investor forecasts. CarEdge.com also launched its highly-anticipated vehicle resale rankings, highlighting those vehicle brands and models that hold their values well – as well as those that don’t.

CarEdge.com’s visitors can now experience the following consumer-friendly tools and resources on its automotive research and listings site:

  • Shop from over 4 million new and used vehicle listings
  • Calculate loan payments and balances, versus the expected depreciation of the vehicle
  • Receive competitive insurance quotes from multiple auto insurance providers
  • View the resale value rankings of over 200 vehicle brands and models, ranked from best to worst.
  • View the predicted resale value of 300+ vehicle models, allowing site visitors to interact dynamically with our vehicle resale calculator.
  • Compare vehicles’ historical resale results in one graphical view.

CarEdge.com continues on its mission of ‘helping car-buyers buy cars’, as opposed to the common practice of other sites ‘helping car dealers sell cars’. CarEdge.com has seen considerable interest from vehicle shoppers looking to make better-informed, more educated decisions around their vehicle purchases. The company believes that shifting consumer sentiments towards ‘value’ shopping, coupled with heightened economic uncertainty, will benefit the company’s unique business model, which focuses on making smarter vehicle purchasing decisions, and being advocates for vehicle purchasers.

Speaking to the company’s announcements, CarEdge.com’s President, Scott Baker, states, “We continue to be pleased with the interest that we are receiving from online vehicle shoppers, and are delighted to be the resource that they are turning to when searching for their next ride.” Commenting on the company’s new Vehicle Financing Calculator, Mr. Baker adds, “We are excited about the new calculator, as it is truly unique, and we really want to make sure that people don’t get in over their head with their car loans. We are giving car shoppers a useful tool to make them aware of the financial risks of being ‘upside down’ in their loan—an unenviable position that traps people in their loan, because they owe more than their car is worth.”

About CarEdge.com

CarEdge.com was created to be ‘Advocates for Car Shoppers’; providing consumers with the professional analytical tools that automotive dealers and leasing companies use to assess vehicles’ current and future values. It is CarEdge.com’s goal is to be the ‘go-to’ site for serious car and truck shoppers, who are focused on securing a good ‘value’ in their vehicle purchase. In the months ahead, CarEdge.com will be delivering new features and functionality that will further enhance the experience for car and truck buyers. The company believes that its unique approach of providing auto consumers with total transparency, without being conflicted by the influences of selective auto dealers, will become the standard by which other auto research and listing sites are judged.

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* 5,000,000 site page views are organically-sourced, with virtually no paid advertising. The figure also includes website traffic from CarEdge.com’s predecessor site, UsedFirst.com. Source: Google Analytics


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