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Chantel Grant Continues To Help Many Preserve Their Rights By Providing Unparalleled Legal Representation

Boca Raton, Florida, June 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As a managing partner at GM Law Firm, Chantel Grant Boca Raton has massive knowledge and experience handling complex legal issues across many sub-fields of law. As a committed lawyer to her clients, Chantel has proven that she’s focused on ensuring that she delivers justice to those in distress without prejudice. She is praised for her mastery of law and love for helping people protect and preserve their rights. As a senior partner in GM Law Firm, she has put in her effort to bring on board both private and corporate clients, making her law firm to be a household name.

For many years, different clients with different needs have leveraged the skills and commitment of Chantel Grant Boca Raton together with her team of dedicated partners to help litigate on a variety of issues. They have done so with so much passion that they have won hundreds of cases and helped clients have peace of mind. Whether it is debt collectors, student loans or repossession notices, Chantel has been steadfast in helping her clients secure the best ruling in courts. Her impressive record in the field of debt collection is backed by years of experience in consumer protection as provided for in law.

Interpretation and application of law can be a real challenge to an average person, which is why Chantel has been available to help many people understand what options to take to get the best out of their lawsuits. The majority of consumers are unaware that federal laws provide consumer protection through specially formulated statutes.
Chantel Grant and the GM Law Firm’s Student Loan service have taken advantage of the provisions of the Act to favor her clients. As a result, they achieved favorable outcomes. As advocate for fair administrative justice, Chantel has had a lustrous career as a champion of rights. She has managed to do all of that by understanding all the legislative pieces touching on consumer needs. Some of the key legislations include the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Chantel understands that banks and debt collectors retain some of the best lawyers to frustrate people so she understands some of the strategies they adopt to stress people in debts. This is why Chantel and her team have taken up the challenge to be the people’s representatives in times when they are struggling with their finances. Whether you are struggling with credit card loans, student loans or bankruptcy, GM Law Firm with the help of Chantel and her colleagues will help you navigate the situation with lots of ease.

Creditors and debt collectors can be a source of frustration, especially if you are behind your loan repayment. Chantel understands that financial downtimes are a normal phenomenon and no one deserves to bear additional trouble of disturbing calls from debt collectors. Chantel has been in the game for many years and can help stop creditor harassment. By retaining her services, your creditors and the debt collectors will turn their attention to her, allowing you ample time to organize your finances. She has helped many people avoid foreclosures and repossessions by taking advantage of her excellent communication and negotiation skills. Chantel understands the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to the core. Therefore, she will invoke the clauses that protect your rights as a debtor and help prevent debt collectors.

Shantel knows just how critical it is for everyone to understand his or her rights. She has helped many people by explaining to them their rights. She has helped hundreds of clients to review their contracts to understand what impact they have on their finances. Where the contracts have meant exaggerated debts, Chantel will help negotiate with your creditors to lower the amount of debt. What’s more, she has succeeded in negotiating for restructuring of the debt to ensure affordable installments. She has skills of poking holes in the way creditors administer their debt contracts. Chantel Grant Boca Raton has helped many clients unearth violations of Federal Consumer Statutes whose core focus is to preserve consumer rights.

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