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Cox Media Group San Antonio Scores a “Ratings Royal Flush”

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cox Media Group San Antonio radio team has achieved an extremely rare [if not unprecedented] level of ratings success, displayed in the September 2021 Nielsen radio ratings report for 25-54 Adults, Monday through Sunday.

CMG’s group of seven San Antonio radio stations includes the top five ranked stations in this latest ratings period:


It is extremely rare in PPM (Portable People Meter) measured markets that five stations owned by the same operator achieve such rankings. Multiple observers report never having seen such results in a major US metro.

“I’m extremely proud of the CMG San Antonio radio team! This extraordinary performance represents the strength of our local team, their hard work, and CMG’s commitment to our communities and delivering the best product to our audiences,” said Rob Babin, Senior Vice President, CMG Radio.

CMG-SA Director of Operations Keith Hastings remarked, “We call this a Royal Flush because it’s as rare as one. This achievement is a testament to our entire local team of talented stars on each of our stations.”

“General Manager David Abel has built an amazing dream team piloted by Keith Hastings, Rob Roberts, and Christi Brooks and the result is perfection,” said Steve Smith, Vice President, Programming, CMG Radio.

These ratings results from CMG San Antonio radio stations represent a very large, dedicated radio audience that supports and helps grow many local businesses and organizations that advertise with Cox Media Group.  

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