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GM Law Firm LLC Has Helped Stop Violations Of Law By Collectors

Boca Raton, Florida, June 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With many people feeling the pinch of hard financial times, debt collectors are now becoming a little thorn in the flesh of many people. Nobody wishes that he’s followed up to pay his loan. In fact, nobody would borrow in the first place if all was well. Falling behind your loan can happen, but this doesn’t mean that you should be subjected to harassment. What debt collectors don’t know is that financial challenges are real and that struggling with hard economic times is enough trouble. Fortunately, GM Law Firm LLC has a team of dedicated lawyers who have vast knowledge and years of experience defending people struggling with debt.

At GM Law Firm, you will be guaranteed of full protection against harassment by way of telephone calls directed towards you or your employer. It can be so disheartening when you receive incessant calls from debt collectors at a time when you need the peace of mind to rethink your finances. The good news is that GM Law Firm is well prepared to enlighten you on certain legal protections that will stop banks and debt collection firms from invading your privacy. Chantel and her team of competent lawyers have read the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) word by word and they understand the strict rules governing creditors, debt collection agencies. With the help of qualified debt collection lawyers, you will get to learn about what debt collectors are allowed and not allowed to do. The Attorneys are GM Law Firm can help bar unnecessarily annoying calls and text messages. In addition, they can file a lawsuit and seek damages for every call that may have gone contrary to the provisions of the TCPA.

We will Help You Know Your Rights

As provided for under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, creditors, debt collectors and solicitors are only allowed to contact you with your express consent. Sometimes creditors and collectors may hide certain clauses in the contract, giving consent. Even where you signed a contract containing clauses that meant giving consent without your knowledge, our skilled lawyers can contest and revoke it in court and help you restore your right. By revoking your consent, you can confidently add those stubborn callers to your “do not call list.”

We will Put a Stop to Credit Collection Attempts

Are you behind your credit card or mortgage repayments? Whether your financial challenges are due to loss of employment, divorce or workplace accidents, the fact that you are still obligated to pay your loan doesn’t give debt collectors the latitude to harass you at will. We at GM Law Firm LLC understand that every consumer has specific rights and legal protections against harassment and actions that seek to undermine consumer rights as wet out in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Far too many mortgage firms and their debt collection agencies commit numerous illegalities on the assumption that most consumers do not comprehend their rights. At GM Law Firm, our skilled and experienced attorneys are always ready to explain your rights and fight back any practice that undermines your rights.

While it is allowed for debt collectors to call you in relation to payment of a debt, none of the laws allows debt collectors the free will to call any time all the time. This means that debt collectors are limited in how often they call and what content the calls should communicate. For example, debt collectors cannot contact you after 9 p.m or before 8 a.m. They cannot also call your employer informing him of your debt obligations. Here are some of the protections that you enjoy under the law: Debt collectors:

• Cannot communicate a person other than you except your lawyer regarding your debt obligation
• Cannot engage in actions of harassment or threats in order to cause you to pay
• Must identify themselves and the declare whom they represent
• Cannot claim to act as an attorney or officers in the law enforcement field
• Cannot threaten you that non-payment will cause you to be arrested or face legal proceedings
• Cannot send mail in an envelope printed clearly indicating that you are indebted

Let Us Help You Stop Harassment from Debt Collectors

Remember that debt collectors who violate the law in the guise of pursuing a debt on behalf of their clients can face lawsuits and pay fines. At GM Law Firm LLC, we can help you stop such actions and hold those responsible to account for such violations. We will also file for bankruptcy appropriate to your specific case and stop any collection or repossession attempts.

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