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How To Get Potential Clients To Keep Thinking Of You

Growth. The ability to scale a business by attracting and retaining clients. How do you get there? You know your product or service is good but how do you get more customers? These are questions that thousands of companies ask themselves each day and work to implement strategies that will move them forward. There are also many different ways to go about this. We’re living in the best time right now for your business to thrive, yet we still ask these questions. So where do we begin? 

Who are my customers? 

Take a look at the current success of your company. Look at the customers or clients you’ve either had or continue to do business with. Why have these people come to you for business? Do you have a product that they wanted or needed? Do you provide services that are a must have? You also need to determine where they came from. Whether they came knocking or you went and prospected, this is important to know. Why? Because a certain product or service may not be for everyone. For example, If you were a paper sales person and you showed up in an area with all different types of businesses and went knocking door to door trying to sell paper, likely the only successful sales you make would be businesses that do a lot of paperwork. In between those businesses you knock on doors of bars and restaurants or thrift stores or retail shops that don’t really have a need for that. Knowing who you serve best is the first step. 

How do I get customers to think of me? 

Get with the program. Not only is it important to know who your potential customers are, it’s also important to understand your competitors and what they’re doing to get business as well. Digital marketing in this day and age is key to success for any business. Most people have heard of the term but often don’t fully understand what it is. It is the single most useful tool in your arsenal. Here’s an example of why this is important. 

During the Holiday season, there was a pub that was running ads on social media to promote their New Years party. $50 tickets if you order online and $75 at the door. The ticket included unlimited beer and food and $5 top shelf mixed drinks. Another bar in the area was also advertising their New Years party but instead of using Digital marketing, they simply asked other local businesses in the area if they could put up signs in their establishment. One sign was posted by the counter at a Deli which strategically was a good area to put it. There was one small issue. While everyone waited for their orders at the Deli, not one person looked at the sign. They were all on their phones browsing through social media while their food was being made. The pub who was running ads was right in the face of those people on their social networks which enticed them to click on the ad and go to the pub’s website. Each click registered on the ad would relay information to the algorithm which meant that the same ad would pop up multiple times on that person’s phone reminding them of the event. The pub wound up having the most successful party. 

Be Aggressive 

If you have ever thought about digital marketing or running ads on social media for your business, the time to execute is now. A lot of companies think about it but often put it off because they don’t understand it or it’s not in the budget or they “Already have a social media person.” The latter being a person who just takes pictures of items or creates marketing excerpts and posts them on the company’s website or social media which will only be seen by people that follow your page. While that’s a step in the right direction, it’s not getting you any NEW clients. As you contemplate whether to hop into digital marketing or not, understand that your competitor has already started doing it and you’re now nothing more than the sign at the counter at a Deli. If it’s crossed your mind, the time to do it is now. The longer you wait, the more your potential customers are thinking about your competitor. Don’t be the last one to the finish line. 


If you’re not happy with the current state of your business or you’re looking to grow and the thought of digital marketing has crossed your mind, the time is now to get on it. Digital marketing will allow you to reach brand new customers and grow your business. If it’s not in your budget, make room for it. The Return On Investment will be well worth the money spent. You’ll constantly be in the face of your potential clients and even if they’re not currently in the market for your product or service, when they do need it, your business will be the first they think about because you’re always right there out in front of them. 

Digital marketing comes in all forms such as Lead Generation, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Targeted Ads, Geo Targeting, and much more. Here at QODA Digital, we offer all these options and help give you the insight on what’s important to be put out there into the world of social media. If you’re reading this, the time to reach out is NOW. Click our link below to contact us!