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Ian Skrivseth’s ‘Graveyard of the Gods’ is set for a new marketing push

Collection of poems is about celebrating humanity in all of its beauty and flaws

IOWA CITY, Iowa, Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In his debut poetry collection, “Graveyard of the Gods” (published by Archway Publishing in November 2019), Ian Skrivseth took readers on an introspective journey through one man’s heart as he interweaves inspiration from the gods with real-life experiences.


This year, the author launches a new press campaign for the book to reach a wider audience and inspire them to accept their humanity in all of its beauty and flaws.


 “Graveyard of the Gods” is a volume of poems that explores what it means to be human while reminding readers that no matter what their place in life, each has his or her own flaws and is capable of feeling a variety of emotions like love, hate and pain. While relying on myths like Orpheus, Hades and Sisyphus for inspiration, Skrivseth reflects on a variety of themes and subjects such as heartache, passion, love, falling stars, sins, and the graveyard of the gods where there is no more intimacy, only internet personas.


“‘Graveyard Of the Gods’ is a book where stories and people should go to fade away, but they somehow find themselves being written about,” the author and poet describes. “It’s about holding on to what makes us human.”


This poetry collection aims for readers to take away the idea that it is okay to not be okay. Sometimes the best thing people can do is to realize that they are not alone in being sad or angry. The book is available for purchase at https://www.archwaypublishing.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/792480-Graveyard-of-the-Gods.


“Graveyard of the Gods: A Poetry Collection”

By Ian Skrivseth

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 56 pages | ISBN 9781480883147

E-Book | 56 pages | ISBN 9781480883130

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Ian Skrivseth has always wanted to write at a young age. He started writing poetry on a whim to try new writing styles and it has changed his life. To date, he has penned over 200 poems — the best of which are included in his debut collection, “Graveyard of the Gods.” Skrivseth also loves movies and what they bring to storytelling. He feels it is unique and loves how everyone adds to it.

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