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InTown Suites Provides Affordable Temporary Housing For Families After Natural Disasters

InTown Suites offers fully furnished apartment alternatives at an affordable price with the flexibility of using FEMA vouchers

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*Some items displayed in these photos were used for staging and are not available in the suites.
*Some items displayed in these photos were used for staging and are not available in the suites.

Atlanta, GA, Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The National Wildlife Federation released a study revealing an increase in natural disasters due to rising global temperatures. The study showed that as climates changed more moisture was evaporating into the air causing increased rainfall, stronger hurricanes and more severe winds.

When these natural disasters occur, the cost of living is inevitably affected, leaving families displaced. One study uncovered that housing costs and rent prices would spike in the months following a natural disaster in the counties surrounding the damage. Situations like these can become even more stressful when insurance payments are delayed or relief funding doesn’t arrive in time.

After a tragic incident like a flood, fire or hurricane, many families are left without enough funds to purchase a new home. In these times of catastrophe, InTown Suites steps in to extend a helping hand to those in need with affordable and convenient temporary housing. The last thing a family should have to worry about are leases, that’s why InTown Suites provides apartment-style housing with no lease agreements or credit check required. InTown Suites also accepts FEMA vouchers for areas affected by natural disasters.

InTown Suites understands the stress and strain that a natural disaster can put on a family. We are determined to help reduce these stresses and strains by offering an affordable housing option with a flexible length of stay. Whether temporary housing is needed for one week, one month, or even longer, InTown Suites and Uptown Suites have 196 convenient locations across 22 states. Each InTown property also offers easy online renewals.

During an evacuation, families shouldn’t have to worry about what belongings to take that might not be provided by their temporary home. At InTown, every suite is fully furnished and equipped with an in-room kitchen including a full-size refrigerator, two-burner stovetop, microwave and cabinetry. Our suites also have separate living and dining areas, high-speed internet access and HDTVs with an expanded channel lineup including premium channels. All our properties provide on-site guest laundry facilities.

For anyone located in a hurricane-prone area, InTown Suites has also created a helpful preparation article that includes an emergency kit list. 

About InTown Suites & Uptown Suites:

With 196 locations in 22 states, InTown Suites and Uptown Suites are America’s largest wholly-owned economy extended stay brands. InTown Suites has been providing outstanding value to guests for decades, always delivering an exceptional experience. Uptown Suites is the newest way to extended stay with eight properties across the country. All suites are designed for extended weekly, monthly, or even longer stay and include in-room kitchens with a full-size refrigerator, two-burner stovetop, and microwave.

Guests can rest easy knowing all suites and common areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with hospital-grade cleaning products and then inspected in our Triple Checked Clean process to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. Additional information can be found at www.intownsuites.com and www.uptownsuites.com. Both brands are trademarks of Sleep Specialty Management and InTown Suites Management.


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