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Limitless Guided Visualizations App Provides A Major Breakthrough in Mental Health Support Options

New Clinically Proven App Teaches the Metacognitive Healing Methodology™ to Help People Cognitively Reframe to a Healing Mindset

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Limitless Guided Visualizations™ (“Limitless”), a mental health and wellness app, announced today its cognitive support product as an up-and-coming contribution to treating the mental health epidemic. This is the first-ever digital model to teach Metacognitive Healing™ to the masses.

Metacognition is an awareness of your thought processes and an understanding of the patterns behind them. The Limitless app helps people reflect on their thought processes and reframe the relationship they have with themselves, thus improving their metacognition. When internal dialogue is rooted in kindness, people are able to shift out of trauma responses like fight, flight, freeze, and/or fawn into rest, restore, and heal states.

The need for this type of support amongst people with mental disorders is tremendous.

An estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older – about 1 in 4 adults – suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. (1)

Everyone experiences metacognition, but those experiencing “negative” metacognition need and deserve support. Even if someone can get past the hurdles of recognizing their need, and being able to afford and access professional help, the standard models of care still have missing pieces.

The Limitless app has immense potential, evidence can be seen in current market behaviors:

The global mental health apps market alone has grown by $1B in 12 months ($4.2B – $5.2B). (2)

People are increasingly seeking self-help because the systems currently in place are lacking fundamental metacognitive support,” said Cali, the founder of Limitless Guided Visualizations and creator of the Metacognitive Healing Methodology™.

Put simply, “positive” metacognition includes thought processes that lead the mindset toward helpful solutions. While “negative” metacognition is often unhelpful, uncontrolled, pervasive, and harmful.

After controlling for clinical and demographic factors, it is hypothesized that maladaptive (“negative”) metacognitive beliefs will explain additional variance in emotional distress (anxiety and depression) over and above that explained by repetitive negative thinking. (3)

Scientists have been studying the role of metacognition in mental health since the 1970s. (4) In a 2019 study on repetitive negative thinking, evidence from fMRI results shows that maladaptive metacognition plays a major role in anxiety and depression.

Cognitive-attentional syndrome (CAS) is the main factor underlying depressive and anxiety disorders in the metacognitive approach to psychopathology and psychotherapy. (…) CAS is a set of psychological processes that includes repetitive negative thinking (worry and rumination), threat monitoring, and associated unhelpful behavioral and cognitive strategies; it is derived from metacognitive beliefs, either positive or negative. (5)

The feedback on the app is mindblowing:

“Limitless has changed my life. I have tried so many things, from yoga to meditation, but I always felt like something was missing. I realized that I needed to change how I talk to myself and think about things. Once I started to fix my metacognition, I could return to all of the wellness activities with confidence. My internal voice is now constantly gentle, reflective and encouraging.” – Sam, a Limitless subscriber who has Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

About Limitless

Limitless Guided Visualizations™ is a mental health and wellness app that empowers people to become the champion of their own personal health journeys. The Metacognitive Healing Methodology™ that Limitless teaches, leverages decades of clinical experience to help people access naturally altered states. In-app guided visualizations support a shift in consciousness through a whole body-being experience that draws on lessons from both psychedelic medicine and established health and wellness solutions. Cali, the founder of Limitless, developed the Metacognitive Healing Methodology™ in 2001 and began testing in a clinical setting in 2018. The Limitless Guided Visualizations™ app is free to download in the App Store and on Google Play.

Lucas Wentworth
NisonCo PR