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NCWC Inc. Wants Customers To Understand The Difference Between Auto Insurance And Auto Warranties

Ocean, New Jersey, Sept. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Many drivers understand that automotive repair costs can get expensive in a hurry, so investing in protection to shield yourself from these costs is a shrewd move. However, many drivers do not understand the different types of protection available. 

For example, your auto insurance protects you from damages incurred in a collision with another vehicle or object, theft, fire, and certain natural disasters. You can also purchase additional coverage options such as uninsured motorist protection if an at-fault driver lacks the insurance coverage to pay for your medical bills and/or damage to your vehicle. However, your auto insurance generally does not cover mechanical breakdowns, faulty components, or the labor that goes into fixing these issues. 

That protection is available in the form of an auto warranty. When you purchase a new car (or a certified pre-owned car) from a dealership, your purchase price generally includes an auto warranty that covers parts and labor for a set amount of time, miles driven, or a combination of the two. This is called a “new car warranty” and typically includes bumper-to-bumper coverage (for electronics, HVAC systems, and the like) and power train coverage (engine and transmission). 

Notably, new car warranties generally do not cover routine maintenance such as tire changes or fluids. Every warranty is different though, so drivers are encouraged to read their document to better understand what it provides for. 

Once your initial warranty expires, you can purchase another one from your vehicle’s manufacturer or dealership. Alternatively, you can select a third-party company that provides either a cheaper warranty or one that offers more coverage than your vehicle’s manufacturer is willing to provide. 

For example, NCWC Inc. specializes in selling auto warranties that go above and beyond what is available from dealerships. Brake pads are generally excluded from manufacturer warranties, but NCWC Inc. offers numerous contracts that cover them. 

For instance, you can choose Engine coverage if you’re only concerned about your power train, while drivers of newer cars that have more gadgetry could get more value out of the company’s Select coverage. 

Extras such as roadside assistance and stipends in case your car breaks down while you’re out of town can provide additional value that your manufacturer’s warranty may not. Therefore, some drivers choose to purchase a warranty from NCWC Inc. before their manufacturer warranty expires for maximal peace of mind. 

If you’ve ever used a manufacturer’s warranty, you know that it can be a hassle. For instance, most dealerships will only pay for one of their mechanics to look at your vehicle, even if that means going out of your way or settling for substandard work. In contrast, companies like NCWC Inc. don’t hire mechanics, allowing you to choose any licensed repair shop in the United States or Canada. 

Likewise, NCWC Inc. contracts don’t have a cap on how often you can make claims over the life of your policy. Auto insurance companies will raise your rates if you file too many claims, while some auto warranties are null and void once you’ve made a certain number of claims. 

NCWC Inc. warranties are administered by Palmer, an A-rated insurance company with over 30 years of experience meeting the needs of its customers. The company emphasizes customer service in everything it does, so you can trust that you will talk to a friendly representative every time you call. Drivers are encouraged to contact NCWC Inc. directly if they have any further questions regarding the differences between auto insurance and auto warranties.

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