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Obama Administration Ethics Judgement Ripped Apart in Planned Parenthood Scandal [OPINION]

The Emotional Leadership Style of Obama’s White House in Crisis

In a speech on August 9, 2001 President George W. Bush warned of the “moral peril” in allowing human embryos to be used for scientific testing. He was ridiculed mercilessly by liberals for his position. Mr. Bush’s speech was assailed as an attack on “modern science.” The liberal press also rushed-in to defend liberal ideology and the issue of using DEAD BABIES as testing material was essentially wiped off the front page as the press made it an issue of political will.

Mr. Bush’s position was overturned by Mr. Obama in one of Obama’s first major policy decisions in 2009. And again, the issue was more about overturning a Bush Doctrine, and little to do with the issue of trafficking in DEAD BABIES and DEAD BABY BODY PARTS. It was Mr. Obama giving the liberal horde its pound of flesh.

We now know that Mr. Bush’s instincts and foresight were far more superior to the free-wielding policy impulses of the current administration. This is what happens when leaders play politics and don’t provide leadership. Had Mr. Obama given this matter a fraction of the thought and ethical & moral contemplation of his predecessor, unfortunately, I don’t think it would have mattered.

Mr. Obama is far from an intellectual leader. He is an emotional leader and he is driven largely by emotion. His policies are created to appeal to emotion and to result in a well choreographed emotional response. The notion of making difficult policy decisions because of altruism and because it is simply the right thing to do in virtually non-existent in the White House under the Obama administration. A Clinton Presidency would only serve to amplify the banality of the past 6 years (but that’s another story).

You can argue over conservative versus liberal politics, but this issue of selling DEAD BABIES is indefensible and there is outrage (thankfully) on both sides. However, when you look to the permissive behavior of our leadership in the White House today, it is a joke. Our President routinely courts criminals and hip hop thugs in the White House. Convicted criminal and racist Al Sharpton has visited the White House more than the GOP leaders of the Senate and House COMBINED! If nothing else this shows an unprofessional preoccupation with emotional issues and a willingness to over-subscribe to questionable counsel in Mr. Sharpton. It is nearly inconceivable that an American President would even hold counsel with the architect of the Tawana Brawley hoax. This president’s behavior is simply un-Presidential.

The fact of the matter is that our collective ethics and sense of morality as a country and as a people are directly influenced by the ethics of our President. On this basis of judgement, Mr. Obama would have more credibility if he came out on a pogo stick wearing a propeller hat. We are in a period of moral decay. It will be interesting to see if the American people have the will to change this in the next election.

Timothy Kelly
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