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OpSec Security Launches Enhanced Functionalities of its Trademark Insight Licensing Management Platform

LANCASTER, Pa., Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpSec Security, a leader in on-product and online authentication and brand protection, has today launched a comprehensive update to its license management solution, Trademark Insight™. With these updates, brands can now further automate and customize their licensing workflows, personalize reporting and invoicing outputs to meet their brand standards, control brand usage painlessly, and track and collect royalties owed more accurately.

Already adopted by leading brand owners in the sports, entertainment, consumer goods and education sectors, Trademark Insight helps brands drive process efficiencies, increase licensing revenues through intelligent reporting, and safeguard IP by monitoring licensee activity and compliance. All key steps in the program lifecycle are covered by the platform, from onboarding new licensees to optimizing existing licensee programs. At the outset, the system manages the capture and approval of new licensee applications and the creation of licensing agreements, before managing the workflow around design requests and the controlled use of brand assets. Once the program is live, sales collection, royalty calculation and invoicing are all automated and the performance of both program and licensee can be tracked. Significantly, Trademark Insight offers brands the visibility and control to extend their brand properties with confidence, as well as assuring licensees a more frictionless experience.

New features in this release include: a mobile friendly view for design reviews and approvals on the go; more configurable workflows for greater ease of use; an increased ability to customize reports/invoice outputs; and greater flexibility in sales management to allow for more accurate royalty collection. The enhancements also allow for the creation of even more automated communications between licensee and licensors, as well as enhanced Royalty Advance and Minimum Guarantee capturing and reporting.

“Our goal was to enhance Trademark Insight to fulfil and simplify all licensing workflows, and thereby streamline them for brands and licensees,” notes Tiffanie Lane, Trademark Insight Product Manager at OpSec. “To do that, we collected feedback from brands and licensees to learn what key features could underpin more efficient licensing programs. As a result, we have developed over thirty new product features. Further features and functionality will be rolled out in due course to ensure our Trademark Insight solution remains the leading choice for brand owners with business critical licensing programs.”

OpSec Insight™ is a suite of products and services that enable customers to manage the integrity of their brand licensing programs and associated products, services, and documents. Designed to cover product digitization/serialization, product journey tracking, license management, and consumer engagement, OpSec Insight™ is a critical tool in any brand optimization strategy. Trademark Insight is the ideal solution for brands looking to simplify the licensing process with the use of a single intuitive platform. Contact the experts at OpSec to find out how Trademark Insight can meet your specific challenges.

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