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Simulocity Unveils SIM-EXPO 2GO – The Exhibitor Virtual Marketplace

Orlando, FL, Oct. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The new product, unveiled Oct. 19, allows exhibitors to take their virtual booths to any event. 

Building upon its global success with their SIM EXPO, (Virtual Tradeshow) Platform, Simulocity is expanding its virtualization of  exhibitors and events with its newest product, SIM EXPO 2GO. With an even more flexible  virtual technology, this award-winning platform allows exhibitors to take their virtual  booths to a multitude of events, all year long, with more opportunities to increase leads  and revenue, way beyond the dates of any conference. 

With its immersive, luxurious virtual booths and white-glove service, all exhibitors have to  do is purchase an annual subscription and provide their content to be uploaded—Team  Simulocity does the rest. Various virtual booth sizes, and even custom designed (made to look exactly like the physical booth of an exhibitor) are available. In addition, Exhibitor Showcases are available, with centralized multiple booths across many events, and custom content categories for exhibitors (such as new products, videos, webinars, and more).  

“As a leader in the immersive and interactive virtual tradeshow arena, Simulocity is  truly revolutionizing how exhibitors and consumers interact, year-round,” said Dr.  Manny Dominguez, CEO, “It’s all about increasing access. Our SIM-EXPO platform is  already transforming how exhibitors market their products and brands, anytime…anywhere. Via this new modern and immersive modality, in SIM-EXPO 2GO,  we’re now able to help even more businesses tap into the incredible capabilities that the  Simulocity ecosystem can deliver, allowing business now to take their world-class virtual  booth or virtual shop, or institution with them.” 

Event organizers can also create events of their own without a subscription and provide their  event content to be uploaded—they don’t have to be registered with any association or  convention center. SIM-EXPO 2GO features robust, real-time analytics for exhibitors to reach  their potential leads as quickly as possible. All SIM-EXPO 2GO virtual booths and shops are  embeddable onto websites, social media, email or QR codes. Consumers can visit and  interact with representatives with built-in chats, forums, contact forms, and also view and  download content at any time.  

Businesses can reserve their year-round virtual booth or shop at shop.simexpo.com.

About the Company 

Located in Orlando, Florida, Simulocity is a technology solutions firm comprised of top  innovators with decades of proven results in delivering innovative and ground-breaking  technologies around the globe. Simulocity develops customized simulation technologies for healthcare, education, training and events management. Their expertise is in  integrating & innovating leading-edge technologies such as virtual-reality, learning via  gamification, business intelligence, combined with expert project management. 

Simulocity is the recipient of numerous awards, including Healthcare Tech Outlook’s – Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers, CIO Applications’ – Top 10  Simulation Solution Providers, and CIO Review’s – 20 Most Promising Gamification  Technology Solution Providers.

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