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The Obama Legacy of Racial Race-Baiting, A Nation Torn Apart For A Few Votes

The Obama Legacy of Racial Race-Baiting, A Nation Torn Apart For A Few Votes

[OPINION] by Timothy Kelly


I have heard the hypocrisy of whining liberals about race, the foolish self-loathing white voices that rise from our academic institutions, the false indignation of the radically inept black community over false accusations of racial crimes…all here on social media and national television, that protested the death of a punk like Michael Brown, or a repeat drug offender Freddie Gray. We know that Brown attacked an officer, yet Obama sent 3 White House officials to his funeral, Eric Holder flew there personally with 40 FBI agents and perpetuated a very damaging false narrative. and the President went on national TV to comment about it. There was a  similar situation in Baltimore and add to that Trevon Martin…and to a lesser extent The Henry Louis Gates incident in Cambridge Ma.

The common thread…Obama was wrong about EVERY ONE! Yet he incited racial hatred, that led to the execution of policemen even after he was proven wrong. Their deaths (Brown, Gray) were tragic, but their deaths were only the final step of an even more tragic life it seems. Growing up black is something I will never know. I do know that many blacks are frustrated and angry about their circumstances. I do know that many democratic officials are benefitting from racial discord in America (that is a fact). And I do know that demonizing white America is just wrong and WILL NOT IMPROVE THE LIVES OF BLACKS. Not even a little bit. Yet, Mr. Obama and the democratic party have their foot to the floor on the racial discord accelerator. Mrs. Clinton seems very eager to assume the driver’s seat on race-baiting in order to get elected.

The White House will not even acknowledge the death of Kate Steinle a young lady killed by an Illegal Alien last week, with White House Spokesman Josh Earnest saying only, “you will need to refer to the Department of Homeland Security.” There is a very direct link to Obama and San Francisco government policy on immigration in the responsibility for Steinle’s death and that is why the San Francisco City Council and the White House are scared to death to even acknowledge this incident. Apparently, for Mr. Obama ONLY black lives matter. I wish I was wrong about that, but in the realm of social justice, Mr. Obama would be labeled a racist if the color of his skin was white. The record speaks for itself. Mr. Obama likes to pretend that blacks are not slaughtering other blacks on an epic scale each and every day. And whites who point out that FACT are labeled as racists and demeaning blacks. Blacks in America kill 50 times as many  people (other blacks) each day than does the terror group ISIS. Each day in America 9 black men are murdered by other black men. Do these lives matter? Or do they just matter less politically?

Meanwhile, while the President is distracting the country with racial hatred and mistrust, Americans have fallen into $20 trillion in debt, and the economy has seen its weakest recovery in recorded history and job participation also is at historic lows. It does not take an economist to figure out we have been sold out by a shrewd politician. Even if we are to believe Mr. Obama is sincere in his desire to create a “national dialogue on race”, he is guilty of very poor judgement in sparking that debate. Demonizing the (perceived) majority race is an old and crude political tactic. It was a tactic most effectively used by the Nazis to sweep into power. We are on the precipice of the point of no return in the global economy, Mr. Obama heaping $9 trillion in debt on to the American public’s back may prove to be in insurmountable obstacle. However, as long as the White House can manipulate a perpetually ignorant public, the charade will continue.

Timothy Kelly
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