About Us

Our Journey

Establishing a Legacy (1999) ForexTV embarked on its journey in 1999, at the dawn of the digital information age. Founded with a pioneering spirit, our mission was to demystify the complex world of financial markets and make this information accessible to everyone. Over the years, we have evolved, embracing changes in technology and the financial landscape, while steadfastly committing to our core values of clarity, accuracy, and timely reporting.

Our Evolution

Embracing Small Business Coverage (2012) In 2012, ForexTV expanded its horizon to include comprehensive coverage of the US small business market. Recognizing the pivotal role of small businesses in the economy, we dedicated ourselves to providing news, insights, and resources tailored to the unique needs of this sector. This expansion marked a significant milestone in our journey, aligning our expertise in financial markets with the dynamic world of small businesses.

Our Mission

ForexTV stands at the intersection of financial expertise and small business advocacy. Our mission is to empower individuals, investors, and small business owners with up-to-date information, insightful analysis, and practical resources. We aim to be your trusted partner in navigating financial markets and fostering business growth.

What We Offer

  • Financial Markets Insight: In-depth analysis and real-time updates on global financial markets, including forex, commodities, and stock markets.
  • Small Business Focus: Dedicated coverage of the US small business sector, featuring news, trends, strategies, and success stories.
  • Educational Resources: A wealth of resources ranging from beginner guides to advanced strategies in both finance and small business management.
  • Expert Perspectives: Contributions from experienced financial analysts and business experts, providing diverse and informed viewpoints.
  • Interactive Community: A platform for finance professionals, investors, and small business owners to connect, share experiences, and grow together.

Our Audience

Our audience is as diverse as our content. From seasoned investors and financial professionals to budding entrepreneurs and small business owners, ForexTV serves as a crucial resource for anyone interested in the financial and small business realms. We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive community where knowledge is shared and growth is a collective pursuit.

Looking Forward

As ForexTV looks to the future, we are committed to continually adapting and growing. We strive to stay at the forefront of financial and business reporting, ensuring our community stays informed, empowered, and ready to face the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Connect with Us

Join us on this journey. Whether you’re seeking financial insights, small business advice, or just a community that understands your ambitions, ForexTV is here for you. Stay connected with us through our website, social media channels, and newsletters. Your growth is our success.

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