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Slowing U.S. GDP to Temper NZD/USD Sell-Off

Central bank policy, economic indicators, and market events. Downside targets remain on the radar for NZD/USD as it clears the monthly opening range and starts to carve a series of lower highs & lows. A break/close below the former-resistance zone ...

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The NZD Slides Sharply into the Weekend

Selling of the New Zealand dollar accelerated, knocking another 1 per cent off the currency’s value as investors repositioned to the nation’s political shift. “Both Labour and NZ First are looking to revamp the Central Bank by appointing outside … ...

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NZD plummets on political change – BNZ

The New Zealand dollar has tumbled, which largely reflects a combination of heightened uncertainty surrounding the policy mix of the incoming government coupled with fears that New Zealand First leader Winston Peters will push for a change in monetary … ...

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NZD/USD speculators back to neutral – Westpac

NZD/USD futures speculators significantly reduced their long positions in August and September, and are now in a near neutral state, notes Imre Speizer, Research Analyst at Westpac. “The extreme long positioning at the end of July was a good signal ...

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Kiwi Plunge Extends NZD/USD Downtrend To New Lows

The New Zealand dollar was pummeled on Thursday after the New Zealand First party opted to form a coalition government with the Labour Party, led by newcomer and incoming Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, rather than with the incumbent Nationalist Party ...

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