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bitcoin newsThis ForexTV Bitcoin news page contains a headline news feed from over 50 global sources. it is dedicated to news on cryptocurrency developing stories. The articles presented here may contain short snippets of information with links to other sites. This feed may also contain ForexTV’s original stories about Bitcoin. However, our  analysis will be hosted entirely on this site. To subscribe directly to our original  Analysis, you may follow the Editor’s  Blog here. In addition, this page contains our editor’s video picks . Finally, you will find useful links and additional resources on the right sidebar. If you would like to see additional information displayed on this page, please CONTACT US.

Did John Nash Help Invent Bitcoin

Hal Finney, one of the early developers of the bitcoin protocol, is often touted as one of the creators of the technology due to the optimizations to elliptic curve mathematics in the field of cryptography he made alongside Satoshi Nakamoto in the ...

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Bitcoin Gives Rise to a Cryptogimmick

The technology underpinning bitcoin and other so-called digital currencies just took another baby step toward legitimacy. Sort of. Overstock.com, an online purveyor of goods ranging from jewelry to furniture that already accepts Bitcoins for purchases, is ...

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Wences Casares: The Bitcoin-Obsessed Serial Entrepreneur

Wences Casares, founder of bitcoin security company Xapo and serial entrepreneur is "obsessed" with bitcoin. "I truly believe that it may change the world more than the Internet did. I truly believe that [because of the] 4 billion people who live on cash ...

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Bitcoin User Survey Delivers Unsurprising Results

Want to Trade Bitcoin? ForexNews Recommmends Click Here To Learn More. Bitcoin’s range-bound movement continued during the last 24 hours. Yesterday we reached a high of $232.37 and a low of $229.30. Total daily range yesterday was $3.07. Today we are ...

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MasterCard Slams Bitcoin In Letter To UK Officials

Bitcoin has been praised for its ability to facilitate transactions quickly and easily to users across the globe at a fraction of the price of its competitors. However, MasterCard Inc (NYSE: MA) claims that once bitcoin is subjected to the same regulations ...

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New CoinDesk Report Reveals Who Really Uses Bitcoin

Young, pale, techie and male. Anecdotally, this has been the make up of bitcoin's core community since the cryptocurrency began, at least if media reports and Internet chatter are to be believed. But in 2015, is this still an accurate reflection of its ...

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