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Cartier Fifth Avenue Renovations Nearing Completion

RAISING THE CURTAIN: Cartier is preparing to unveil its long-awaited Fifth Avenue flagship renovations.
The elaborate project has seen the French jeweler’s 651 Fifth Avenue mansion come under the watchful wing of celebrated architectural firm Beyer Blinder Belle and interior designer Thierry W. Despont. On Sept. 7, the label is expected to finally celebrate the culmination of such efforts with an elaborate event.
In advance of the official opening, the store’s signature red awnings are again looming over Fifth Avenue, as it appears Cartier removed the bulk of its scaffolding facade within the last week. What remains is a green plywood barricade tracing just the bottom floor of the store’s perimeter.
Construction in the current July heat has seen workers leaving the store’s doors open. Emanating a sawdust scent, the ground floor appears to be almost finished — with oak and ivory moldings nearing completion.
While originally projected to reopen after two years, construction has been under way since March 2014. The renovations are expected to more than double the store’s prior retailing square footage.
The store was last renovated in 2001.

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Cartier Fifth Avenue Renovations Nearing Completion