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Giorgio Armani to Hold Coed Show at Silos in February

ARMANI’S MUSINGS: Giorgio Armani revealed on Monday that the first coed show for his namesake brand will take place at the Silos exhibition space in February. The designer said he is looking at “elevating fashion to a different, more elegant level. We are not talking about couture, but ready-to-wear can still [command] an elegant approach and presentation to the audience.” The designer’s perception of the shows this season was of a rushed press running to “huge shows, here and there in Milan.”
“The audience has to be a little bit ‘shocked’ by the clothes but also by the atmosphere that you can create, which is not the one that I saw others have created. It seems to me that I’m in the condition of being able to decide to change that a little bit,” he said.
The designer also lamented a lack of imagination in fashion. “It [worries] me to leaf through a magazine, because we made this in 1968, that in 1975, so it seems to me that it’s repetitive, taking Armani and redoing Armani. I think it’s too easy.”
He was speaking after his Emporio Armani show, reprising a tradition of meeting the press to discuss the collection and respond to questions —

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