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Styling the Sari: New Anthology Broadens Reach of Indian Garment

Considering that it is a garment worn by a near estimated 100 million women in India alone and many more around South and Central Asia, the sari has gone relatively undocumented.
Realizing there was a knowledge gap and that increasing urbanization was eroding some of the sari’s daily wear in favor of western dress, Malika Verma Kashyap decided to begin The Sari Series. The non-profit project comprises an anthology, documenting how to drape over 80 sari styles through short films, and three videos exploring the garment’s past, present, and future.
The project’s aim is multi-pronged. First, it acts as a record preserving regional variations, which are myriad. What most people picture when they think of a sari is in fact a single style of draping, known as the Nivi. Secondly, the series also asks viewers to ponder the garment’s role going forward, and it’s Kashyap’s hope that it will serve as inspiration for people to continue innovating with the sari.
Kashyap spoke exclusively to WWD about the project, a $175,000 undertaking backed by luxury Indian sustainable retailer Good Earth and Kickstarter:
WWD: How was this project conceived?
Malika Kashyap: The idea behind this project is two-fold. First, to develop an accessible cultural documentation of the sari though film

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