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Tokyo Fashion Week Brings Subdued Atmosphere, Promising Newcomers

TOKYO — Japan’s most major fashion event wrapped on Saturday after six days of runway shows, installations and exhibitions. And while the season brought with it many newcomers with fresh ideas — and brought back familiar, popular brands as well — many buyers and journalists lamented the subdued atmosphere.
For the first time in five seasons, Amazon, the headlining sponsor of Tokyo Fashion Week, didn’t hold its popular At Tokyo events. The program aimed to bring designers and brands that wouldn’t normally show on Tokyo runways to a local audience. Past participants of At Tokyo include Sacai, Undercover, Anrealage and N.Hoolywood. And now that attendees have grown accustomed to the spectacle, there was an overall feeling that something was missing from this season.
“This season, partly because there was no At Tokyo, I felt there wasn’t as much energy, but I think that’s also just the basic state of things,” said Yuji Yamazaki, director of Beams.
Yoshimi Nagao, a buyer for Takashimaya, echoed Yamazaki’s opinion, saying, “Since At Tokyo is no longer happening, I’m a little worried about how the popularity or newsworthiness of Tokyo Fashion Week will progress in the future.”
The lack of the At Tokyo program also led attendees

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