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Gold May Glitter; But Silver Wheaton Is About To Shine

it will dramatically weaken the demand for the U.S. currency and a weaken of demand will result in declining value. This scenario could cause gold and silver prices to soar as the world begins to search for a new safe haven of value. Throughout recorded ...

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How terrorists are winning their war on the World Cup

The World Cup is about the collective. The teams on the field are their nations made real in the flesh. The stadiums and surrounding city plazas become, for a month, a vast carnival of globalization, a crossroads paved by multinational corporate sponsors and filled with eager tourists and partying soccer fans from all ...

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Beijing has almost the same population as these countries

And it's not even the most populous city in China. A new report from China's municipal bureau states that Beijing has an estimated population of 21 million, almost 500,000 more than the city had last year. If the city keeps growing at this alarming rate, it will soon surpass a whole

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Why ISIS is powerful: It keeps good records

Extremist militants continue their battle with Iraqi security forces in and around a clutch of strategic sites, including the key oil refinery at Baiji. The advance of jihadist group ISIS has shaken the fragile government in Baghdad and may prompt an American military response in a country that was utterly reshaped by the U.S.

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Queens Museum Mounting Andy Warhol Exhibit

An exhibit that revisits the scandal at the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens, N.Y., opens Saturday, in conjunction with the fair's 50th anniversary. Continue reading...Follow WWD on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

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