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Face Shields for Medical Staff Now Available from SynCardia Systems, LLC

Tucson, Arizona, April 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

  • Effective immediately, SynCardia is offering a unique clear plastic face shield system designed to protect health care workers on the front line treating COVID-19
  • Interested organizations are recommended to visit https://syncardia.com/face-shields or reach out to [email protected] for additional details and ordering information

SynCardia Systems, LLC announced today that the company has begun shipping clear face shields designed to help protect healthcare workers from potentially infectious aerosolized respiratory secretions they are exposed to while caring for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infections.

Made from the highly transparent and durable thermoplastic PETG, the face shields provide a high degree of protection in a light weight, high visibility form factor. Each shield is adjustable to fit a wide range of users and is equipped with an optional insert that can be wrapped in gauze, or other available material, creating a custom padded fit. This padding can then be discarded, and the full system cleaned with isopropyl alcohol as needed. The system’s lay flat design allows for large quantities of shields to be shipped and stored in a space efficient manner.

“Protecting our team and the safety of our health care partners on the front lines of this crisis continues to be our number one priority,” said SynCardia CEO Don Webber when asked about the decision to begin distributing face shields. “The disposable padding system and the ability to wipe the entire shield down with isopropyl alcohol means that providers will be able to extend the utility of their PPE without exposing themselves to additional risk. The competitive price point will hopefully ease the burden on health care systems while allowing the company to minimize the impact of the crisis on employees. As a company we are proud to be able to offer these shields, and our recently announced hand sanitizer, to those who need it most.”

“With the combination of these innovative face shields and our recently announced 80% ethanol hand sanitizer, we believe that as a company we are in a position to make a meaningful difference in the fight against COVID-19,” said President and CCO Pete Spadaro. “The team here at SynCardia is committed to making sure we get these needed supplies into the hands of those who need it and we are proud to announce that our very own Pima County will again be the first agency to receive supplies from us.”

A limited supply of face shields is available now with additional stock to follow. Facilities or agencies interested in acquiring product are encouraged to visit https://syncardia.com/face-shields for more information and ordering details or to reach out directly at [email protected]

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