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Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Twisting Facts: Liar or Clever Politics? [OPINION]

Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Twisting Facts: Liar or Clever Politics? [OPINION]

Will Americans remain patient with Hillary Clinton’s brand of story-telling?

Is it fair to label a politician a liar? How important are the words we use every day? If you are a politician, the value of words and what you allow to come out of your mouth depend on how much integrity you have as a person. Some say it depends on how much a politician wants to win, and so everything is fair game. Today, words don’t matter too much to far too many, nor does the validity of words matter too much anymore. What counts these days is how convincingly you can deliver your spin, and if you win. When questioned about his outright lie on the Senate floor regarding Mitt Romney not filing tax returns, Harry Reid arrogantly and proudly quipped, “he didn’t win, did he?”

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Politicians often campaign for office and make promises that they cannot keep because they either don’t have an understanding of how things get done, or simply overestimate their ability to overcome obstacles. I remain an optimist and like to think that politicians on both sides of the aisle are honest men and women with good intentions.

Consider some recent examples from prominent politicians and journalists. Hillary Clinton said in her published memoirs that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House. Despite overwhelming facts disputing this statement (Hillary eventually admitted it was completely fabricated) Mrs. Clinton’s desperate need to humanize herself ahead of the 2016 presidential campaign was too tempting not to lie. Mrs. Clinton has many humanistic traits; however empathy with the economic plight of the common man or woman is not one of them. Not only were the Clintons not even remotely close to being “dead broke”, they were filthy rich when Hillary penned that comment. Mrs. Clinton clearly was trying to change the perception of her in the eyes of voters by outright deception and lies. Many simply pass this one off as an innocuous tale. Taken in isolation it amounts to little other than a minor character flaw. Its significance grows when put into perspective of the Clinton litany of pre-meditated deceptions.

The Bush administration was quick to run with unsubstantiated facts about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and used marginal intelligence to justify a war, as did roughly 95% of all Democrats and Republicans.

Somehow, there needs to be a distinction between a little white lie and a conscience effort to deceive and manipulate people. After all, most of us have told that little white lie at one time or another. But how should we treat repeated and habitual lying that is pre-meditated and deliberate? Consider NBC News Anchor and Managing Editor Brian Williams. Mr. Williams appears to have not only embellished news, it appears now that he completely fabricated stories and inserted himself into events in the first person where he was not present. In one instance, Mr. Williams told a story about making eye contact with a soldier on horseback in Egypt “using a whip to beat human beings.” We now know that Mr. Williams never experienced that event. It is now believed that Mr. Williams fabricated dozens of stories and eyewitness accounts in his so-called journalistic career. Mr. Williams is clearly guilty of the journalistic equivalent of stolen valor.

In a similar tale, Hillary Clinton’s false claim to have arrived in Tuzla, Bosnia under sniper fire in 1996, when coverage of her visit at the time showed her being greeted leisurely by an 8-year-old with a welcoming poem. Mrs. Clinton never even feigns embarrassment or shame for these remarks. The complete absence of shame when she is uncovered is disturbing. As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton carried-out an elaborate ruse in claiming that the Benghazi attacks and the unrest in Egypt was the result of an anti-Islamic film. Mrs. Clinton spent millions of taxpayer dollars creating apologetic television commercials, the obscure film-maker was detained, Mrs. Clinton mobilized the full resources of the State Department to give the appearance that a film was the spontaneous cause of unrest across the Middle East at that period. In fact, the entire Obama administration had unequivocal knowledge that the attacks were well-planned military attacks against US interests in the region. The events had no connection to the anti-Islamic film whatsoever. There was no mistaking what was taking place and Hillary knew this but carried out the fictitious tale despite knowing it was completely false. Her reaction? “What damn difference does it make?”

During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Mrs. Clinton went on national television with her husband to outright lie to the American people about not having “sexual relations.” The entire world was unconvinced and watched in amazement as the Clintons defied reason, sound judgment and so candidly lied to the entire planet with indignant arrogance.

Just this week, it has been reported that Mrs. Clinton may have used her influence as Secretary of State for personal gain. The allegations have prompted the Clinton Family Foundation to announce that they will have to restate 5 years of tax returns over approximately $145 million. It is looking as if Mrs. Clinton has finally seen the chickens come home to roost as her actions associated with the Clinton Foundation may have been the last straw that breaks the back of the collective American patience with Clinton pretzel logic. It remains to be seen whether Mrs. Clinton can endure this latest self-imposed scandal (not to mention email-gate), but the initial damage assessment is dire for Clinton.

I have been a harsh critic of the collective American willingness to tolerate habitual deception by the Clintons and other politicians. Indeed, the American voter is woefully under-informed. However, habitual deceptions and elaborate manipulation of reality by both parties makes finding the truth increasingly difficult. The most important thing to consider now is that the past is gone, and the most valuable thing, the only thing we can take from the past is knowledge.

Mrs. Clinton is a tenacious and tough individual. She is clever, intelligent and overall perhaps the most ambitious presidential candidate in modern history. In many ways, she has many of the qualities Americans admire in a leader. However, Mrs. Clinton’s political career is arguably a series of unremarkable posts and positions while waiting for “her turn.” Her policies have been plain-vanilla, pre-packaged platforms carefully crafted by the party not to cause too much controversy. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton keeps getting in the way of Candidate Clinton and has only ever been elected in ultra-liberal New York. The Hardest choice for Mrs. Clinton so far in her public life is how to consitently tell the truth. I am getting the sense that I may have misjudged the American voter and also sense that Mrs. Clinton’s highest elected office has already been achieved.

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