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Primordia DAO launches to catalyze 100 DAOS for Social Impact in 2022

Primordia seeks to help create 100 Global DAOs to bring social justice and social impact to communities by leveraging decentralized assets

Primordia DAO Launch Party

Primordia Co-Founder Adrian Bello @ High Bar
Primordia Co-Founder Adrian Bello @ High Bar

Primordia DAO Launch Party

Primodia DAO Co-Founders Asya Abdrahman & Adrian Bello
Primodia DAO Co-Founders Asya Abdrahman & Adrian Bello

New York,NY, July 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Primordia DAO, a NEAR Foundation-funded, WEB 3-powered impact organization, launched its campaign to inspire and help structure 100 DAOS, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations to create significant global social impact, on June 23rd at the High Bar in New York City’s historic Times Square District.

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The event marked the official launch of Primordia DAO’s 2022 mission, to launch one hundred DAOs leveraging the NEAR Protocol, a San Francisco-based, carbon neutral, layer 1 blockchain, to create social justice and higher quality of life in communities across the globe.

Thirty mission-driven DAOs from around the world have already launched leveraging Near Protocol to achieve their collective mission of social justice and social impact by dispersing food to unhoused populations, securing equitable land ownership, onboarding excluded communities into Web3, finding solutions to climate change etc. 

Primordia DAO was launched by San Francisco based, The Kin DAO. The Kin DAO was founded after helping over 55,000 people ( IRL) access critical services and resources during the Covid Pandemic.

“DAOs are about more than hype. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs) empower communities online and throughout the world. While media headlines typically focus on NFTs, blockchain technology offers organizational tools that allow individuals with a shared vision to collectively vote (governance), transact transparently and function as asset management. This is the next wave in global social justice as an organizing movement”, said Adrian Bello, co-founder of Primarodia DAO. 

The following DOAs were highlighted at the launch event, they hail from around the globe including the United States, Mexico, Scandinavia and beyond:

Primordia DAO Launch: Petgas DAO (Fossil Fuel Sustainability – Mexico), Xibalbanft DAO (Cenote Conservation Project – Mexcio), Sacred Waters DAO (Water Conservation Project – Mexico), Lowkey Giant DAO (NFT/Crypto Creativity & Culture – USA),Neo Soul DAO (Music, Culture & Commerce – USA), Seven Vision DAO (Sovereign media production studio with life-affirming values for transformative times – USA), EFAM DAO (Direct food & medicine to displaced people – USA), Verse Gallery (Scandinavia’s first physical NFT gallery // bridging the knowledge gap around NFTs & blockchain – Norway)

“We’re village building in the metaverse and beyond,” states Asya Abdrahman, co-host and co-founder of the Primordia DAO. “Our focus is human-centric. We are here to support what the Blockchain has to offer all people with a smartphone, that is open access on NEAR Protocol’s ethical blockchain for people that have typically been marginalized, overlooked or excluded.”

About Primorida DAO

Building in biomimicry, Primordia represents the next stage of mycelium development for The Kin DAO. Primordia DAO is a year-long project DAO to be experienced as a conceptual art exhibition of village building URL (Online) and in IRL (In Real Life). Primordia’s objective is to provide education to historically excluded communities to bridge the digital divide by leveraging collaborative art-based solutions. Primordia DAO prioritizes onboarding projects focused on bettering the social, psychological, economic and ecological state of our world and will operate as a DAO of DAO’s giving opportunity to newly onboard communities to participate in the governance of the Primordia project.

About NEAR

NEAR Protocol is a simple, secure and scalable decentralized application (dApp) platform that focuses on developer and user-friendliness. Its native NEAR tokens are used to pay for transaction fees and storage on the NEAR crypto platform. The Kin DAO has chosen to operate on NEAR Protocol because of their user-friendly interface, affordable and inclusive operational costs, carbon-neutral technology and ethical, creative and community-oriented culture.

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  • Primordia DAO Launch Party
  • Primordia DAO Launch Party
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